Death Toll Climbs In Moscow Subway Derailment

The Moscow Metro's blue line, running right through the heart of the city, derailed after a power surge triggered an alarm on the tracks.
Posted at 7:28 AM, Jul 15, 2014

A train derailment in Moscow's subway at rush hour Tuesday morning killed at least 12 people and injured more than 100 — and that count is climbing. (Via Getty Images)

"The train derailed and right in front of our carriage, the other carriage stood parallel to the tracks ... the train that was across the tracks had a small fire in it and was full of smoke." (Via RT)

Moscow's emergency services say a power surge to the subway tracks set off an alarm, which abruptly stopped the underground train and caused several cars to jump the tracks.

It was Russia's media, not international outlets, leading the coverage in Moscow. While RT pegged the death toll at 12 most of the morning, CNN and the BBC still had it at 10 and leaned heavily on Russian outlets.

​This passenger video carried by the BBC shows the scene inside a Moscow station, as typical rush hour crowds experienced even more gridlock after the derailment.

​Russian outlets report several cars derailed along Moscow's dark blue line, which as you can see here, runs right through the heart of the city. Passengers say they waited half an hour for evacuation from the train. (Via Moscow Metro)

The train's driver is among the people reported dead. RT reports about half of those injured are in serious condition, meaning the death toll could rise throughout the evening in Russia.