Passenger Let Off Cruise Ship In Cambodia Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Government officials are now racing to track down everyone who was on board the cruise ship for further testing.
Posted at 7:29 AM, Feb 17, 2020

Officials are racing to track down more than 2,000 passengers and crew members who disembarked from a cruise ship in Cambodia earlier this month. 

That's because one American passenger has since been diagnosed with the coronavirus. The 83-year-old woman and everyone else on board underwent health screenings before leaving the Westerdam cruise ship Friday, but she later reported feeling ill after flying to Malaysia.

The Holland America Line cruise ship set sail from Hong Kong on Feb 1. But the trip quickly turned into a nightmare for passengers after Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and the U.S. territory of Guam all turned the ship away over fears of the coronavirus.

The Cambodian government finally allowed the ship to dock last Thursday after repeated assurances that no one on board was sick. 

It's unclear when or where the infected passenger caught the coronavirus. Holland America said it's working with government officials in Cambodia and Malaysia to track down everyone who was on board. It could be a long process: Some are still in Cambodia, but many have flown to other destinations