China Builds An Island And Stakes Its Claim In Disputed Seas

China is challenging the U.S. and its allies in the south Pacific with a manmade island meant to serve as a military post.
Posted at 9:15 PM, Nov 25, 2014

China is building an island in disputed waters. 

Scratch that. China is building a military post in disputed waters.

The South China Sea's Spratly Islands, seen on Google Maps, contain valuable oil and natural gas reserves. 

And the islands are surrounded by U.S. allies and bases. But the islands are claimed by several nations, including Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and China.

China's government claims "indisputable sovereignty." China's military spending is seven times higher than all those nations combined. It has the world's highest troop count, an aircraft carrier, and now it has a manmade military post that's bigger and better than any Spratly Islands post from U.S. allies.

The question now: who will run the Pacific?

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