Canada's Terror Level Heightened Prior To Shooting

Canada's terror level was heightened from low to medium after an incident Monday when two soldiers were hit by a car, killing one.
Posted at 2:20 PM, Oct 22, 2014

A Canadian soldier was shot and killed at a war memorial Wednesday near Canada's Parliament in Ottawa.

This is the scene shortly after the shooting, which put Canada's Parliament on lockdown. (Video via International Business Times)

WITNESS, VIA OTTAWA CITIZEN: "Oh yea, he took off, toward the Parliament building."

A suspect in the shooting then went to Parliament Hill and opened fire inside the Centre Block. Authorities shot and killed a suspect in that area. (Video via CNN)

Although that one suspect was originally reported, authorities now say multiple suspects may have been involved in multiple shootings.

A reporter from The Globe and Mail captured footage from the gunfire inside Parliament. 

VIA CTV"The man cut into a protective alcove just as, apparently, the Sergeant at Arms … came out of his office carrying a pistol."

Though we don't yet know the motivations behind Wednesday's attacks, Canada on Tuesday had raised its domestic terror threat level from low to medium, citing online chatter from radical groups.

On Monday, a man hit two Canadian soldiers with a car — killing one of the soldiers. Police shot and killed the suspect, later described as a radicalized Muslim convert. (Video via Daily Mail

Again, Wednesday's incidents have not been confirmed as a jihadi terrorist attack, and again, little is known about the suspect or motive — but it isn't stopping online discussion from becoming a border debate.

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera suggested rather than a threat from the southern border, the U.S. should be more concerned about terrorist attacks from the northern border.

It's a topic Politico Magazine recently tackled with the not-so-subtle headline, "Fear Canada (Not Mexico)."

That article points to arrests and foils of terror plots in recent years in Canada and the U.S. northern border, as well as "large Arab and Middle Eastern immigrant communities" in places like Quebec and Ontario.

Not to mention — the border to the North is much less policed than the southern border.

Witnesses told The Star Wednesday's attack on Parliament Hill was an "unprecedented breach of security."

This video includes an image from Getty Images.