North Korea Says The US Is 'Misleading Public Opinion'

The country is reportedly upset by comments the Trump administration has made ahead of a planned summit.
Posted at 11:04 AM, May 06, 2018

North Korea said Sunday that claims by the Trump administration are "misleading public opinion."

U.S. officials have claimed sanctions and increased political pressure forced the North to the negotiating table, but North Korean officials say that's not completely true.

The North is also reportedly upset by the U.S.' stance that it won't lift any sanctions until North Korea completely abandons nuclear efforts.

A spokesman for the North told the country's official news agency that the U.S. is QUOTE "deliberately provoking" the Hermit Kingdom when the situation on the peninsula is moving toward peace.

The comments come ahead of a historic planned summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump and follow a meeting between Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-In.