North Korea Says It Isn't Done With Guam

Despite sanctions and worldwide condemnation, North Korea isn't backing down after it launched a missile over Japan.
Posted at 11:16 AM, Aug 30, 2017

Despite sanctions and worldwide condemnation, North Korea isn't backing down — the country's state-run media says Guam is still on the list of targets.

Korean Central News Agency reports the nation's recent test launch over Japan was just a precursor to its goal of "containing Guam" and to its operation in the Pacific.

Having a missile soar over Japan may not have been entirely impulsive. The North had said a Japanese flyover was part of its plan to strike near the U.S. military bases on Guam.

The United Nations security council condemned the launch and called for North Korea to abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Regime leader Kim Jong-un said Wednesday in a statement his country will continue launch drills in the Pacific and will monitor U.S. actions to determine what to do next.