Tensions Between The US And N. Korea Likely Won't End Soon

A North Korean official told CNN that the country's nuclear tests would "never stop" if the U.S. continued what the North called "acts of aggression."
Posted at 10:48 AM, Apr 27, 2017

Relations between North Korea and the U.S. are tense, and it doesn't look like that's ending anytime soon.

A North Korean official told CNN on Wednesday the country would QUOTE "never stop" doing nuclear tests — at least as long as the U.S. continues what North Korea says are acts of aggression.

Here's what that official was likely referring to: Reports say the U.S. Navy is moving an aircraft carrier strike group northward toward the Korean Peninsula, and an American guided-missile submarine, the USS Michigan, is in South Korea.

North Korea has been teasing a sixth nuclear test. And the country tested at least a half dozen ballistic missiles since the beginning of this year — the most recent of which exploded seconds after launch.

On Wednesday, the White House invited all 100 senators to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for a briefing on North Korea.

The U.S. government says it's working with allies to pressure North Korea to stop developing its missile program.