4 Amazing Innovations

We humans have some amazing creative potential. Take a look at these creative, innovative, and sometimes hilarious examples.
Posted at 10:21 AM, Oct 28, 2014

We humans have some amazing creative potential. We spend our lives problem solving day in and day out. Take a look at these creative, innovative, and sometimes hilarious examples.

No big deal, or anything, this is just a robot that plays Connect Four … and happens to be really good at it.

Patrick McCabe says he built the robot as part of his Microcomputer Project Laboratory course.

You can set the difficulty between 1 and 4 and even ask for hints — which is something you’ll definitely need if you’re going to face off against this smart bot.

As McCabe points out, the robot could win the match thanks to that setup in the third column … but nope, it decides to taunt him instead.

Despite his best efforts, the robot issues the kill. Amazingly, the robot could’ve “taunted” McCabe again and still won — now that’s impressive.

If you’re interested in building a Connect Four robot of your own, McCabe has set up a website that details his process.

Although you’ll probably want to brush up on your skills first, lest the robot label you an inferior being.



You’ve probably heard some variation of the phrase “that’s just dumb enough to work.” We’re pretty sure this video is a perfect example of it.

When these Taiwanese movers were having a little trouble getting a crate pushed into the back of a trailer, they had a bright idea … forklift a forklift. Hey, if it works it works.

We sure wish there was a way to transport our luggage and our bodies to the nearest subway or airport.

WAIT A SECOND. Is that a man driving around a suitcase scooter? What a coincidence.

This Chinese farmer invented a scooter built into a suitcase that travels at speeds of up to 12 mph. The suitcase scooter can travel up to 37 miles on a single charge, and can even carry two passengers.

And for your peace of mind, it comes with GPS and a burglar alarm — now that’s innovation.

We’ll admit, we’ll use the word innovation loosely for this last one, but we couldn’t disregard it. One man got such a kick out of his motion-controlled trash cans that he set up a way to make them fire off automatically.

This video contains an image by Ippei Ogiwara / CC BY NC 2.0.