'Cocaine Sandwich' Found In Spanish Drug Bust

Spanish border patrol arrested a man suspected of smuggling a "cocaine sandwich" loaded with 100 grams of the drug.
Posted at 10:02 PM, May 08, 2014

Drug traffickers are always looking for new ways to sneak product into other countries and recently Spanish border patrol have encountered some rather creative minds. Or, maybe not so creative.

Police arrested a 29-year-old Colombian man Thursday suspected of smuggling this special ham and cheese sandwich. It came packed with — well, that's not some fancy type of mozzarella you see. It's 100 grams of cocaine. (Via Digital Journal)

According to ITN, the man was taken in to custody at a bus stop in the town of Benidorm. Police then searched his home and stumbled onto more than two pounds of the white powder and some marijuana.

New York Daily News says a 20-year-old believed to be the man's roommate was also taken into custody. And, while most likely a small operation, the house definitely carried "tools to handle drugs."

But, this is really small potatoes compared to what happened Wednesday in Spain.

"Spanish police have seized cocaine worth an estimated 150M Euros hidden among pineapples on a ship from Costa Rica. The drug was stuffed between two-thousand or so packages among the fruit." (Via Euronews)

A handful of people were arrested in connection with that bust.

All totaled 2.5 tons of cocaine were mixed in with the prickly fruits. It's being widely cited as one of the largest busts to come out of a European port. (Via El Confidential)

Digital Journal adds Spain has been a hot bed for drug trafficking recently because it's still close to its former colonies and serves as an easy entry point into Europe.