Winter storm brings dangerous conditions to millions of Americans

Tens of millions of Americans are facing weather warnings across the United States, from sub-zero temperatures to vicious storms.
Posted at 7:30 PM, Jan 14, 2024

Approximately 95 million Americans may experience frigid conditions, with temperatures below zero reaching as far south as northern Texas.

On Sunday, the National Weather Service warned of wind chills dropping to as low as negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit below zero from Montana across the western Dakotas.

Meanwhile, life is on the line as firefighters risk their lives to save a man from rising flood waters in Pennsylvania.

"But we could feel it was cold. It was strong. We had a rope set up. It was tethered to the tree so that we could hang on to that as we were going out," Robert McLaughlin, captain of the Middletown Fire Company, said.

Relentless rains are unleashing catastrophic flooding across the northeast. 

Water levels in Maine hit a historic high as tides smashed into homes along the coast, shattering the previous record set in 1978 and washing away historic fishing shacks. The rising waters across the state are turning roads into rivers, swallowing vehicles, and triggering astate of civil emergency for coastal counties.

Across the country, storms unleashed a similar scene of destruction.

In Oregon, a tree ripped from its roots, crushing a Portland police car.

Flight boards were glowing in airports across the country as cancellations and delays climbed well into the thousands this weekend, grounding planes and passengers.

Freezing temperatures and snow made roads treacherous in the Midwest.

The roads kept many folks in Des Moines, Iowa, hunkered down at home. But the same can't be said for University of Michigan football fans, as crowds braved frigid weather to celebrate the team's national championship win in Ann Arbor.

In Chicago, animals at the Brookfield Zoo made the most of the snow, with bear cubs, otters, and Mexican wolves venturing outside to play.

And of course there was some work to be done, with neighbors lending each other some help as they shoveled away snow.

Tundra-like temperatures are also taking a toll on the gridiron.

A potentially dangerous storm is pushing the NFL and the state of New York to push back Sunday night's playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers to Monday afternoon.

"It's all part of our critical efforts to keep New Yorkers, motorists and fans safe from this wildly unpredictable storm," Governor Kathy Hochul said.

Buffalo, New York, is expected to receive 1 to 2 feet of snow, while regions in Arkansas, northern Mississippi, and western Tennessee are preparing for upcoming snowfall.

Bills-Steelers playoff game moved due to dangerous weather forecast
Highmark Stadium, home to the Buffalo Bills

Bills-Steelers playoff game moved due to dangerous weather forecast

Gov. Kathy Hochul said she started talking with the NFL on Thursday about the possibility of having to reschedule the game,.