A Floating Ball Could Save Lives In A Tsunami

The capsule is sold in Japan, where the tsunami threat is high.
Posted at 11:08 AM, Jun 04, 2017

A big, hollow red ball can keep people safe if a tsunami hits.

Tsunamis — like other natural disasters — are more common. And death rates are increasing.

When a tsunami is triggered, it can be difficult for people to get out of the area in time.

That's where this aluminum capsule comes in. It has compressed air and vents so passengers can breathe. It also floats in water.

The bright color helps rescuers find the capsule after a wave hits.

Smaller capsules fit two people and cost $13,500. Larger ones for places like hotels and hospitals can seat 10.

The manufacturers are based in the U.S. but have been selling their products in Japan where a lot of tsunamis tend to hit.