South Carolina County Braces For Severe Flooding From Florence

Authorities urged almost 8,000 people in Georgetown County, South Carolina to evacuate.
Posted at 6:52 AM, Sep 25, 2018

It's been more than a week since Florence made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane. But forecasters warn after effects of the storm aren't over yet. 

Authorities in Georgetown County, South Carolina urged almost 8,000 people to evacuate Monday ahead of what's expected to be extreme flooding in the area. 

Meteorologists say floodwaters could rise at least as high as 10 feet in some parts of the county as multiple nearby rivers soon overrun their banks. 

As precautions, state officials have been setting up temporary dams along the major highway out of the county and building a barricade around a drinking-water station.

Residents in North Carolina are also dealing with flooding — as of Monday, seven rivers in the southeastern part of the state had reached the major flood stage.

The National Weather Service warned flooding in both states could continue for the foreseeable future as rain dumped by Florence makes its way through waterways and out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN