The National Weather Service wants you to take a selfie

Wednesday is #SafePlaceSelfie Day, and the National Weather Service wants you to document where you would go in case of severe weather.
Person taking a Selfie
Posted at 10:23 AM, Apr 05, 2023

You might notice an uptick of people posting selfies taken in their closet, basement or bathroom on Wednesday. 

It is all part of an effort to promote severe weather preparedness. 

Wednesday is Safe Place Selfie Day, a campaign by the National Weather Service intended to prepare citizens on where to go in the event of severe weather. 

The campaign comes on the same day the Midwest is actively experiencing severe weather. The National Weather Service is investigating 15 possible tornadoes on Tuesday, with more expected Wednesday. 

“If you're sitting in your home or at your desk at work looking at Twitter, ask yourself ‘what if?’ Where would you go if life-threatening weather approaches your area?” said Trevor Boucher, lead meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Las Vegas Weather Forecast Office. “Spend a few minutes going to that safe place, take a selfie, and share over social media using the #SafePlaceSelfie hashtag.”


Tornadoes aren’t the only hazard the National Weather Service wants Americans to be prepared for. It also asks where you would go in the case of extreme heat or cold, flash floods, tsunamis and lightning. 

“Where would you go if a tornado warning alerted you in the middle of the night? Or what if thunder rumbled during your daughter's soccer match? Today is a great time to answer these types of questions,” the National Weather Service’s Buffalo office said.

The National Weather Service also encouraged those participating to include things like their pets and emergency kits in their selfies.