Deadly tornado sweeps Ohio trailer park amid Midwest outbreak

Several likely tornadoes hit Ohio and Indiana late Thursday, including one that devastated a mobile home park near an Ohio lake.
Posted at 7:25 AM, Mar 15, 2024

A severe weather outbreak swept through the Midwest late Thursday, causing several possible tornadoes and numerous homes to be damaged or destroyed. 

According to the National Weather Service, there were eight reported tornadoes, including five in Ohio, two in Indiana and one in Texas. The National Weather Service will send crews to confirm the tornado reports. 

There were also hundreds of reports of wind and hail damage from Texas to Pennsylvania. 

Logan County, Ohio, appeared to have some of the worst damage. Logan County Sheriff Randall Dodds told WBNS-TV that three people died. Some of the worst damage was reported in a trailer park near Indian Lake. 

Dodds said the damage in the area was "quite extensive." 

"We have a lot of homes that are down," he said. "We have entrapment. We are conducting those searches, but what we've run into is [difficulty] gaining access into those places because the are trees down, power lines are down, we had some gas leaks, we had some fires. So in a couple spots, we had to back off so we could turn that gas off and power off."

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Town spends $600K on shore protection, storm washes it away days later

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Indiana State Police said a storm in Randolph County caused injuries to 38 people, including 12 who were taken to hospitals. 

The storm system responsible for Thursday's possible tornadoes is moving to the South. Much of the Gulf Coast faces a risk of severe weather on Friday, with parts of Alabama, Mississippi and Texas under the highest risk.