California Fires Engulf Hundreds Of Acres, Force Evacuations

Widespread fires in California have engulfed hundreds of acres, forcing thousands of people to be evacuated.
Posted at 9:57 AM, Jun 05, 2016

Wildfires in Southern California are burning across hundreds of acres.

As of Sunday morning, the state's fire department estimates there are eight fires in the region that haven't been completely contained.

The fires have caused thousands of residents to be evacuated from their homes, and others have been left without power. 

The cause of some of the fires is still under investigation. At least one in the Los Angeles suburb of Calabasas was caused by a driver hitting a power pole.

California has become more prone to fires in recent years because of mass drought. Dry vegetation easily catches and spreads fires.

The state's governor has repeatedly linked climate change to the increase in fires, but scientists have been wary to make that link. 

In fact, some researchers say climate change could decrease the amount of fires because it decreases plant growth.

Around 500,000 acres catch fire in California in a typical year. Last year, at least 700,000 acres caught fire, and at least seven people died.

This video includes clips from KEROKGTVLos Angeles County Fire Department and KCAL and images from Getty Images and Twitter / @CALFIRERRU.