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Woman Has Home Bulldozed Because She 'Didn't Like Neighbors'

Police say a Florida woman pretended to own her neighbor's trailer and had someone demolish it. The neighbor's out major money and a home.
Posted at 12:24 PM, May 09, 2014

This is honestly the most perfect way we can think of to get rid of an annoying neighbor. Remove their house.

According to The Florida Times-Union, police say a 62-year-old woman called a heavy equipment operator and pretended to be the owner of her neighbor's trailer. And the operator demolished it.

"Deputies arrested Ana Maria Moreta Folch for criminal mischief. She told them she was doing the city a favor. A neighbor alerted the property owner, who raced over to see her rooms turning to rubble." (Via WJXT)

The sheriff's office told WJXT the trailer owner is probably out about $25,000. Local media are reporting Moreta Folch presented the bulldozer operator with a key to the trailer. The owner said she'd never given Moreta Folch a key and also said they had never had any issues with each other. 

And according to WTEV, the actual owner, Maria Gottfried, has owned the trailer since 2006.

So it's unclear exactly why Moreta Folch might have hated the trailer enough to have it demolished. According to some reports, she said "unsavory people" were living there, but others say the trailer wasn't being lived in. Moreta Folch was released Wednesday on bail.

Well, we'll definitely be submitting this one to that @_FloridaMan Twitter account featuring Florida's weirdest stories, though admittedly, this time it was a Florida woman.