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Why The GOP Chose Cleveland For 2016 Convention

Ohio has given its electoral votes to the winning presidential candidate in 25 of the last 27 elections.
Posted at 6:05 PM, Jul 08, 2014

The next GOP national convention has found a home. In 2016 the Republican party will nominate its candidate for president in Cleveland, Ohio. (Via Getty Images)

The city beat out Dallas, Texas, which at the time was the only remaining contender. (Via Steve Johnson / CC By-Sa 2.0)

And had previously beaten out cities including Denver, Kansas City, Las Vegas, and Phoenix — all of which had applied to host the convention. (Via Larry Johnson / CC By 2.0, Allen Brewer / CC By 2.0, Moyan Brenn / CC By 2.0, Alan Stark / CC By-SA 2.0)

So why Cleveland?

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says it was at least partly logistics. (Via Getty Images)

“It was a business decision. … I mean The Q there, Dan Gilbert, the Cavaliers, what they’ve got and what they’ve built there, is really something to see.” (Via Fox News)

​Although, there's also — and he acknowledged this — the political consequences of the choice.

Which was likely a good move. As USA Today notes, no Republican has won the White House without winning Ohio since 1860. That candidate? Abraham Lincoln.

That candidate? Abraham Lincoln. (Via Getty Images)

And as Cleveland.com points out, Ohio has a pretty good record of picking presidents — having awarded its electoral votes to the winning candidate in 25 of the last 27 presidential elections. Hence the saying, “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”  

The full RNC membership will vote on the committee’s recommendation in August. Cleveland was previously home to the Republican National Convention in both 1924 and 1936.