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Whitey Bulger, Girlfriend Exchanged Love Letters And Cried

The former head of the Irish mob had been hiding out in California with his girlfriend for 16 years.
Posted at 10:52 AM, Jan 10, 2014

One of the most notorious criminals of the last decade — Whitey Bulger — is apparently a bit of a softy.

According to The Boston Globe, J.W. Carney, a defense attorney for Bulger, said he helped Bulger and longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig exchange love letters in prison and both reportedly cried when reading the letters.   

​"While he was awaiting trial one of the mobster's defense attorney's offered his legal pad so he could write a message to Catherine Greig who cried as she read the note. She wrote another one back to Bulger, the lawyer said he sobbed when he saw it." (Via WBZ)

Carney said he didnt read the love letters, but the Globe quoted him saying,

"To me, there is not regulation or law that should prevent people from expressing love."

In Boston, reporters have been following Bulger's story for years. He was born in Boston and later became a dominant crime boss in the city. But a reporter for WFXT says he's more concerned about Grieg than Bulger. 

"Even now appears it appears still in love with him! After hearing how they lived on the run, how is she shedding tears with this guy?" 

Eighty-four-year-old Bulger was one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives after going on the run in 1995. The former head of the Irish mob had been hiding out in California with Greig for 16 years. 

Bulger is serving two consecutive life terms after getting convicted on 11 counts of racketeering in November of last year. Greig is serving eight years in federal prison after pleading guilty to harboring and concealing Bulger.