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What To Watch For (And What To Buy) On Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has become the biggest online-shopping day of the year and big box retailers are offering great deals again this year.
Posted at 8:58 AM, Dec 02, 2013

Get ready to load up those virtual shopping carts — Cyber Monday is here and the deals are huge.

Electronics were hot on Black Friday and are expected to stay hot on Cyber Monday. If you need a new TV now is the time to get it. 

​​Walmart is offering 50 percent off on a 46" Samsung. A TV that usually runs around $1,000 — you can get it today for under $500.

Apple is offering free shipping on any order placed today through December 22nd. 

And Amazon — where your free shipping may someday be done by a drone — has a host of special one-day deals. 

"Amazon is doing this crazy, really going to give your hands a work out with your mouse.  Every 10 minutes they are going to something different. Toys up to 70% off, Televisions that are below $500 for big flat screen TVs."

And you gotta be quick because you don't want to get stuck on a waitlist if there's limited supply.

Cyber Monday is exploding. A few years ago it was barely a thing. Now it's a consumer staple. 

And the deals don't just stop on Cyber Monday — many are now calling it Cyber Week. (Via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

​"Cyber Monday is getting bigger and bigger. Its sales tripling in the past decade. Last year, the biggest deal for online sales in history." (Via WTVT)

But keep your fingers peeled out there. Cyber scammers are out again in full force trying to steal your information. 

​​"Limit your shopping to retail sites that you know and trust. When checking out consider using a credit card instead of a credit. And remember the old adage if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." 

You might also need to keep an eye out for your boss. As KVUE suggests — consider timing your online shopping around the lunch break. 

"Some people go into stealth mode. They'll keep the desktop open so they can keep up with work. But they'll pull out a cell phone or any other mobile device for their online shopping. But it doesn't always work — about 21 percent have been caught shopping on the job." 

Since 2010, Cyber Monday has been the biggest online shopping day of the year and the National Retail Federation forecasts that trend to continue.