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West Virginia governor signs campus carry gun legislation

A new West Virginia law will allow people with concealed carry permits to bring firearms onto campuses for public colleges and universities.
Gov. Justice signs bill on campus gun carry.
Posted at 10:45 PM, Mar 01, 2023

West Virginia's governor signed a bill into law on Wednesday allowing those with concealed carry permits to carry firearms onto the campuses of public colleges and universities across the state.

The state's Republican Gov. Jim Justice called it a “Proud day for me." The law is set to take effect in July 2024.

“West Virginia now joins 11 other U.S. states, including Texas and Utah, that have had this legislation for years. I’ve always said I will do everything I can to protect West Virginia's 2nd Amendment rights, and with this law, West Virginia will continue to be a national leader. I sincerely thank the legislature for passing this bill overwhelmingly and the National Rifle Association for their support,” the governor said.

The state's House of Delegates voted overwhelmingly to approve the legislation. 

At the session, a lawmaker who supported the measure shared a story about the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech when he was a state trooper.

Republican Del. Mike Honaker, said he would never forget seeing blood covering the floor of at the university, nor the sound of cell phones ringing as people frantically tried to reach loved ones who could not answer.

West Virginia law allows concealed carry on college campuses

West Virginia law allows concealed carry on college campuses

The bill strictly prohibits the open carry of a firearm on campus. It also prohibits guns in areas with a capacity of more than 1,000 people.