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Stick-Figure Sketch Seeks Silent $7M NY Lottery Winner

New York Lottery officials released a humorous stick figure 'wanted' poster in hopes of finding a $7 million winner before the July 24 deadline.
Posted at 12:19 PM, Jul 23, 2015

New York Lottery officials are frantically looking for the winner of the $7 million jackpot that expires Friday. And their search has gotten pretty creative.

They made very artistic posters. 

And if that stick figure sketch wasn't vague enough, the description below it reads"Male or female who is rich but doesn't know it yet."

The humorous posters definitely got people's attention. And because the sketches are hardly specific, they've brought out a lot of hopeful winners, too.

"I rushed home when I went home today and checked my ticket. It's not my ticket,"  Brooklyn resident Shawn Buchanan told WCBS.

"Unfortunately, I checked about three to four times. Not a winner," said another ticket buyer.

If you bought a Cash 4 Life ticket in Brooklyn last summer, you should check it again. The lucky numbers were 5, 20, 35, 43, 48, and the Cash Ball number was 3.

"Can you imagine how bad you would feel if you would miss it by a day?" asked Matt Lauer on the "Today" show.

"Why does it expire?!" Savannah Guthrie replied.

Well, the clock is still ticking. So if you happen to look like a stick figure and have those lucky numbers, contact lottery officials asap.

This video includes music from Podington Bear / CC BY NC 3.0.