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4 Strange Crimes Against Nature These States Won't Stand For

From bear wrestling to alligator theft, a few states have some very specific laws protecting nature still on the books.
Posted at 10:07 PM, Jul 03, 2015

When nature is threatened, the state steps in. Sometimes in strange ways.

#1. In Louisiana:

Alligator theftis frowned upon. 

...we doubt they'd make it easy anyway. 

#2. In Kentucky:

Baby birds (and rabbits) can't be dyed or colored

(Yes, we're also surprised this is a thing.)

#3. In Alabama -- 

If you're wanting to wrestle a bear...

Find another state. 

#4. Skamania County, Washington -- 

You can be charged $100,000 for harassing Bigfoot

So this ... isn't going to fly. 

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