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You Can Literally Get Drunk On A Cloudy Day With This Fog Vodka

Vodka company Hangar 1 made its newest spirit out of water that was collected by fog catchers.
Posted at 5:36 PM, May 24, 2016

Foggy weather is a fact of life for San Francisco residents. 

Locals call the city's famous fog cloud Karl. And Karl the Fog counts rapper Lil B and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as two of his 133,000 Twitter followers.

But vodka company Hangar 1 recently found a new use for Karl's swirling mist — alcohol. 

Water created from the Bay Area's fog is the special ingredient in Fog Point vodka. Harvested fog water makes up more than half of the $125, limited-edition spirit. The rest includes vodka distilled from Cigare Blanc wine. 

The fog is collected from the sky by mesh sheets and filtered to remove leaves before being boiled and filtered again.

Head distiller Caley Shoemaker says you can still taste a hint of nature after the filtration process.

"I love that the water has a little bit of an earthy note to it. ... Like, if you're standing next to a stream on a warm day, the scent of moist rocks," Shoemaker said.

The seller highlights the vodka's hints of pear, citrus and honeysuckle flavors.

Hangar 1 is donating all profits back into water conservation efforts by Fog Quest, a Canadian charity that provided fog catchers for the project.

Fog is used as an alternative source of fresh water across the world

This video includes clips from MITHangar 1 Vodka and images from Instagram / @Hangar1Vodka and Twitter / @KarlTheFog