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'Weed Fairy' Gives Away Marijuana In Seattle's Capitol Hill

A woman has been taping small nuggets of marijuana to fliers and posting them around Seattle's Capitol Hill to keep people's spirits high. Literally.
Posted at 12:38 PM, May 27, 2014

Someone in Seattle is working to keep morale in the city high — no, literally.

"One woman has been going around Seattle leaving pot for anybody who wants to pick it up. She calls herself the weed fairy." (Via HLN)

Yes, the weed fairy. Yeni Sleidi going around Seattle's Capitol Hill posting fliers with her Twitter handle, a kind message and a nugget of marijuana taped to them. (Via KING)

Sleidi told KCPQ she's visiting from California for just a few weeks. But during her short stay, she says she's trying to make people a little more ... relaxed.

"I decided to give it out to people during the government shutdown, and people's reaction was instantly positive."

And Sleidi says her method is tried and true. She says she did something similar in New York a few months ago, and the positive feedback she got on Twitter made her want to keep spreading the love.

Even Jimmy Fallon caught wind of her mission.

FALLON: "Thank you, anonymous stranger who's been leaving free bags of marijuana in New York City subway stations." ​(Via NBC / "The Tonight Show")

With pot now legal in Washington, the weed fairy says she's not too worried about getting arrested. Seattle police say they're not actively pursuing her, but they are concerned residents under 21 could take it. (Via Wikimedia Commons / AlbertCahalan)

"The marijuana, once it's out there in that format, it's really unregulated, and it could fall into anybody's hands." (Via KCPQ)

But Sleidi says she tries to post her fliers in areas where that won't happen. No word on where the weed fairy plans to strike next.