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We Want To Spend Our Summer At This IRL 'Saved By The Bell' Hangout

Our inner Jessie Spano is "so excited" that a bit of '90s nostalgia has been resurrected for the summer.
Posted at 2:14 PM, Jun 01, 2016

Remember The Max from the show "Saved By The Bell?" Good. Because it's back. IRL.

Saved by the Max is a three-month pop-up restaurant in Chicago.

And it looks exactly like the hangout in the show.

The entrance is spot on.

The radio station is ready to "Save the Max" again.

And the menu reminds us of our favorite characters.

Check out the A.C. Sliders and the Mac & Screech.

Reservations are hard to snag; it's sold out for the summer.

But if you channel your inner Jessie Spano, we bet you'll find a way in. We know you're excited.

This video includes clips from NBC.