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Washington State Prepares For First Legal Marijuana Sales

Starting Tuesday, marijuana can legally be sold for recreational use in the state of Washington.
Posted at 8:45 AM, Jul 07, 2014

Washington state legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2012. As of Tuesday, it will be available to sell. (Via Getty Images)

But pot won't be available for sale just anywhere. Within the Seattle city limits, only one shop will be open.

"Two thousand two hundred sixty five. That's how many 2-gram bags Cannabis City will have to fill these empty cabinets with come Tuesday ... not even close to enough product for the 5,000 people they expect." (Via KING)

TheNew York Times points out other cities that had more opposition against the drug's legalization will see shops than Seattle.

"Vancouver, about one-fourth Seattle’s size, in a largely conservative county that has tried to slow or stop marijuana businesses with strict land-use rules, could have three shops. Tacoma, also in a county that has tried to block marijuana businesses, may have four."

Which cities got more shops was really due to circumstance. A spokesman for the Washington State Liquor Control Board said there are a lot of requirements to meet and the vast majority of people authorized to open a shop simply weren't ready. 

And there won't be a ton of pot to go around. The state only issued its first pot growing license in March. (Via Getty Images)

As for that other state that allows pot sales? Colorado was the first to allow the sale of recreational marijuana, and six months in, sales are up and crime is down. (Via KMGH)

"We've seen the crime stats and we're actually seeing less violent crime." (Via KMGH)

But we can't say all the concerns have gone up in smoke. KMGH notes detox centers have seen double the number of pot DUIs from the previous year.

"We found more small children than ever are accidentally ingesting pot. The latest numbers — 19 calls to the Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center this year and 11 kids treated at Children's Hospital Colorado." (Via KMGH)

Washington state's marijuana sales begin Tuesday. For now, just the plant form of the drug will be sold — no edibles like pot brownies.