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Utah National Guardsmen Caught Up In Bikini Photo Shoot

At least one colonel is not happy after a video was posted showing Utah National Guardsmen helping with a racy calendar shoot while in uniform.
Posted at 8:03 PM, Oct 18, 2014

Ever wonder what Utah National Guardsmen get up to during their free time? The Utah Department of Public Safety and the Utah National Guard sure do. 

The two agencies are conducting an investigation into the making a video published Thursday— kids, cover your eyes. 

Hot Shots Calendar: "Yeah."


KTVU: "The video is a behind the scenes look into the making of this year's Hot Shots calendar. ... The Utah National Guard said a senior official gave permission to shoot the scene without getting permission from higher ups." 

In a statement the Utah National Guard explained, "Use of military equipment, facilities, and personnel in civilian for-profit endeavors such as this requires approval of National Guard Bureau Public Affairs through the respective state National Guard Headquarters. There was no official approval for this project."

Since the investigation began, it's been confirmed the equipment used in the video does indeed belong to the Guard. But it's not just the use of the equipment that has raised eyebrows, it's also how the video portrays the Guard — which officials have called an embarrassment. 

KSTU: "Our colonel was watching the news. ... He happened to recognize that some of the instructors from the firing range that day were some DPS SERT team members. SERT is our Special Emergency Response Team members."

A quick look back at the video and you can clearly see men in uniform. 

But one captain, looked at the situation from a different angle, telling KUTV, "They were only there helping instruct them on the firing range of the private ranch so no one got hurt ... What it's looking like it's coming down to is some really good people who made a poor decision."

We will note, though, that on the Hot Shots Calendar's website, it claims its "primary aim is to raise money for the Help For Heroes charity." Help For Heroes is a U.K. organization that supports wounded vets. 

As for the investigation in Utah, military officials have said once it's complete, "required actions" will be taken — whatever that means.

This video includes an image from Getty Images.