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U.S. Navy Ship Reaches Sick Toddler Aboard Stranded Sailboat

A family set sail to circumnavigate the world. Their trip stopped short when their 1-year-old daughter became ill and their boat broke down.
Posted at 12:09 PM, Apr 06, 2014

A U.S. Navy ship Sunday has reached the stranded sailboat whose passengers include a 1-year-old girl who suddenly became ill.

The U.S. Coast Guard dispatched a team of rescuers Thursday after receiving a distress call from the family. The toddler's condition reportedly stabilized as that team stayed with them on their sailboat until the naval ship arrived. (Via KGTV)

Eric and Charlotte Kaufman set sail on the Pacific Ocean with their two young daughters two weeks ago to circumnavigate the world. (Via The Rebel Heart)

But things turned sour about 900 miles from Mexico's coast when their youngest daughter suddenly got sick, and on top of that, their boat lost steering and communication capabilities. (Via KUSI)

It's currently unknown what caused the little girl's sickness, but she reportedly had diarrhea, a fever and a rash and had also been vomiting.

According to the family's blog, the girl had suffered from salmonella and bronchitis recently before embarking on their trip.

KNSD reports the family will be transported to the ship Sunday morning and then taken to California's coast — leaving their sailboat and most of their belongings behind.

While there's no word on when the family will be transported back to land, the Coast Guard rescue team will reportedly stay with the family until they reach a doctor.