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President Trump's Budget Proposal Hopes To Tackle Opioid Epidemic

The Department of Health and Human Services would get $10 billion to combat the crisis. Other departments also got boosts to fight the epidemic.
Posted at 5:37 PM, Feb 12, 2018

The White House sent its $4.4 trillion budget to Congress on Monday. Included in the proposal is $10 billion to fight the opioid epidemic in 2019.

That money would go to programs within the Department of Health and Human Services, but other departments would also get boosts in funding to combat the crisis.

And the budget also suggests some new programs, like one meant to educate children on opioid abuse.

But at least some of that money would come out of other health programs already meant to address the opioid epidemic, including one that helps prevent drug abuse by Medicare recipients.

But remember, presidential budgets aren't the final word on spending — Congress can do whatever it wants with the national budget. They're more like guideposts showing what the White House wants to focus on in the coming year.