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Tropical Storm Arthur Has Nearly Run Its Course In U.S.

More than 8 inches of rain fell in the town of New Bedford, Mass. The rain is expected to move out of Maine by sometime Saturday afternoon.
Posted at 8:17 AM, Jul 05, 2014

Tropical Storm Arthur has nearly run its course in the U.S. after days of soaking the eastern seaboard.

"It is still bringing a lot of rain to parts of Maine, and that is going to last through at least early this afternoon." (Via NBC)

As CBC points out, New Brunswick is preparing for what is expected to be a wet and windy weekend as the remnants of what was Hurricane Arthur push their way through.

The storm's exit from the U.S. comes after days of soaking rain for millions of people along the East Coast.

Arthur made landfall in North Carolina on Thursday night — leaving tens thousands along the Outer Banks without power and causing flooding along the coast. (Via WITN)

Some parts of the Boston area saw more than 8 inches of rain — breaking a record. The downpour from Arthur caused many cars to stall in towns like New Bedford as storm drains overflowed. (Via WBZ-TV)

But now the storm has almost completely left the U.S., leaving behind gorgeous views like this one. This was a shot of Cape May in New Jersey from early Saturday morning. (Via WCAU)

Overall, CNN reports Arthur didn't cause much damage along the coastline — it mainly just caused plenty of headaches for drivers trying to get around.

So far, no deaths have been reported from Arthur.