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Train Derails At Chicago Airport, At Least 32 Injured

A Blue Line train in Chicago derailed early Monday morning, going up onto the platform. The train does not appeared to have slowed down at all.
Posted at 8:36 AM, Mar 24, 2014

A train derailed in Chicago overnight at O'Hare Airport— reports Monday morning that at least 32 people were injured.

"Just before three o'clock this morning an eight-car train derailed at the O'Hare platform. It jumped the sidewalk up onto the escalator. They say the two front cars received the most damage."

The traffic team for Chicago's WGN traffic team noted Blue Line service was partially down due to the derailment. (Via Twitter)

Everyone hurt is believed to be in good to fair condition, with no serious injuries reported.

WGN also reported that according to the Chicago Transit Authority, it's just too early to say what protocols may have failed.

Still, dozens of firefighters and numerous ambulances were on the scene. It's unclear why the train didn't stop and from how far off the platform it traveled, it's clear the speed was still high.

​This WBBM reporter says the CTA is saying the train did not slow down at all.

The CTA is using shuttle buses in the area of the Blue Line where the derailment happened.