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Top 3 Misbehaving Animals Of The Week

This week some animals took a joyride, some took selfies. And one tiger just wanted some beer.
Posted at 7:17 PM, Feb 27, 2014

Is it just us, or are animals trying way too hard to be human? Newsy's top three misbehaving animals this week attempted drinking, driving and taking selfies — luckily, not all at once. 

Our number three spot goes to two Tulsa animals  — partners in crime who KJRH reports committed, of all things, grand theft auto.

"The dogs' owner says he left Luna and Roscoe in that truck for about 15 minutes, and somehow, the dogs put that truck in gear and went barelling down a hill." (Via WOFL)

"It missed drivers on Riverside Dr. and runners on the trail. Roscoe and Luna didn't have a scratch, but the truck sustained all the damage." (Via KTRK)

Roscoe and Luna definitely misbehaved, but authorities said they won't be charging their owner.

Our number two is a monkey who stole a GoPro camera and used it to take — what else? — selfies. The little guy was even able to open the case and take out the battery. (Via Youtube / Machilao.TV)

The Youtube user who uploaded the video said he was trying to film himself feeding fruit to a big group of monkeys in Bali when one who was particularly devious stole the $400 camera. (ViaDaily Mail / Gizmodo)

But we're not sure what the worst crime here is — the theft or the selfies. 

But our number one misbehaving animal of the week has to go to a thirsty tiger who had a hankering for a drink. (Via CNN)

It's true. Police say a man named John Basile, who runs Big Run Wolf Ranch, took his tiger for a stroll when he hit the town in Chicago. Take a look. (Via Facebook / Big Run Wolf Ranch)

"A man and his tiger, out on the town. ... Basile had been spotted inside Uncle Richie's bar along with his tiger — the same bar where Basile's tiger apparently bit a woman in December, although she never reported it." (Via WBBM)


Maybe it's time for the tiger to take a break from the bar scene for awhile. Thanks for watching Newsy's top three misbehaving animals.