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Top 3 Heartwarming Stories Of The Week

We've selected this week's most touching tales, including the story of a newly widowed man who performed a random act of kindness for a young couple.
Posted at 7:30 PM, Jan 17, 2014

Good news is the absolute best news, and thankfully there were quite a few happy stories making headlines this week. Here are Newsy's top three heartwarming stories of the week:

Our No. 3 spot goes to an elderly Ontario man who performed a random act of kindness during a time of grief. (Via Global News Toronto)

"Lee Ballantyne recently lost his wife of 43 year to cancer. A week later, a young couple caught his eye at a local restaurant. He was so moved by seeing them so happy together that he paid for their meal." (Via WJXT)

Plus, he wrote a note explaining that it was the first time he'd dined alone since his wife had died, and he wanted to buy their dinner because it would have put a smile on his wife's face. So sweet. (Via WZTV)

The heartwarming story went viral after a photo of the note was posted online.

Our second pick comes from a class of second-graders and their 24-step plan for love. (Via ABC)

"The teacher said, 'OK, kids, I want you to write down how people fall in love.' ... Some of them are so charming, but it does put into perspective how kids think people fall in love." (Via Fox News)

"'First you stare at the person.'"

"That's called stalking."

"That's called stalking. ... 'You get close to each other.' That's when the restraining order gets filed."

"Right." (Via WFAA)

The brother of the second-grade teacher tweeted the list, admitting his favorite step is No. 8: Go dance and put your noses together.

Others included giving each other rings and going to the pool together. Good advice.


Our No. 1 pick is an amazing video of the emotional reunion between a woman and a very meaningful piece of jewelry.

Betty McAleenan was reunited with her high school class ring. What's so special about this moment was that she had given the ring to her late husband, Robert, before he died in World War II some 70 years ago. (Via KVVU)

Robert always had the ring with him while serving as a bomber gunner in the Army. He once said it was the closest thing he had to being with his wife. (Via KHON)

Robert died in a plane crash during the war. It took more than 40 years for crews to find his remains and another 30 for the ring to finally be given to Betty. (Via WDJT)

Betty was brought to tears when she was reunited with the ring on Sunday.


"He took it with him. He said that was the only way we had to be together." (Via WDAF)

"Aww. She says having the ring back has finally given her some closure." (Via WSYX)

Thanks for giving us a chance to warm your heart a little with these great stories. Check back next week for more.