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Top 3 Entertaining Viral Videos

Forget the heartwarming, we decided to focus on the most entertainment viral videos we've seen this week.
Posted at 3:53 PM, Dec 12, 2014

Some videos go viral because they're clever, some because they're heartwarming ... but some are just downright entertaining, and that's where these picks come in.

At No. 3, we have magnetic cat. He's a Persian named Leonard with some stellar superpowers.

*Cat unhinges door. Door falls. Cat goes and eats plant*

Leonard ... we mean, Magnetic Cat's owner, Byron Gatt, says the he thought the idea sounded fun, so he went for it.

"I thought it'd be kind of cool if the cat was stuck behind the door and he would just rip it all apart with his magnetic powers. ... I wanted to make something that everyone could enjoy. It was really cool that my family could enjoy it and it's not too vulgar, it's just fun and positive," Gatt says.

And thousands of people must agree ... 

*Door falls, cat reacts*

At No. 2, from superpowers to supermanners

"You got a seat, good for you. You got a seat for your bag. Everybody hates you," puppet Johnny T. says.

Puppeteers who go by Glove and Boots put this video together to help people understand the subway better. 

"So please don't be a jerk, we've got to put up with you," puppet Johnny T. says.

Some tips he goes over include how to properly get on and off the subway and how to store your bags so you're not taking up two seats. And this gem: 

"You don't gotta give up your seat to nobody, unless it's a wobbly old person or a pregnant lady. C'mon, give the pregnant lady a seat. She's irritable, and it's like two for the price of one," Johnny T says.

And now we go from the subway to Beyonce ... but not Beyonce on the subway.

Although that has apparently happened

A group of men decided to remake Beyonce's 7/11 music video. Queen Bey, if you're lookin' for new backup dancers ... 

Vid of them dancing.

One of the men in the video told BuzzFeed it happened when they all got snowed in. 

Hey, snow day! Make Beyonce snowperson ... remake Beyonce music video. We think they made the right decision.

This video includes footage from YouTube / Super Epic Cats, YouTube / Glove and Boots and YouTube / thefactory and music from Kevin MacLeod / CC BY 3.0