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Toddler Helps Save Elderly Man Trapped In Hot Car

Keith Williams, 3, ran for help when he saw a man trapped in a car. Keith's mom says she'd talked to her son about the dangers of being in hot cars.
Posted at 2:18 PM, Jul 15, 2014

With the media being dominated by headlines about the Georgia father who allegedly left his toddler son in a hot car to die, this news is welcome. (Via ABC, USA Today, The Wire)

It's the story of a toddler who saved an elderly man from a similar fate. (Via WVLT)

Three-year-old Keith Williams got the super "little boy" from WVLT, but really, he's a little hero. 

"We've had a little problem with this switch opening up."

"Luckily for him, 3-year-old Keith knew exactly what to do. Keith went to his pastor, Jack Greene, and led him outside to King."

"He got hot. He was locked in the car." 

Bob King got trapped in his car in Tennessee. Temperatures were in the mid-90s. When Keith walked by, the man yelled to him, and little Keith did the rest. Keith's mom told WVLT she's been talking to her son about the dangers of being in hot cars. 

That's evidence that at the very least, tragically, stories about hot car deaths may be spreading awareness. (Via Getty Images)

This week, a Georgia man said he saved a toddler from a hot car, pulling him out — and told WRDW that as a father himself, he was shocked. 

"I don't know of anybody in today's day and age that has not heard of one of these recent stories that have occurred locally ... nationally that's been going on, where kids are dying in these cars."

Also this week in Katy, Texas, where temps have reached the 90s, locals told KHOU they smashed the window of a car to get children out. (Via The Weather Channel)

"Kids were in there crying. You can understand, it was real hot."

In these two situations, both parents said they had left their kids in the cars only temporarily. Right now, it seems neither has been charged with anything. 

WebMD argues only a few minutes in a hot car can be fatal — quoting a doctor who says, "There is no safe amount of time to leave children alone in the car."

A North Carolina man drove that point home by locking himself in a car in a vid that's gone viral. (Via YouTube / tbartley269)

"I would never leave my kids in the car like this, man."

It's videos like that and stories of little Keith and other good Samaritans who are helping raise awareness. 

According to NBC, "More than 36 children die in overheated cars every year in the United States, research shows, adding up to more than 600 deaths since 1998."