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They Drop What Now? New Year's Eve Around The World

Nearly everyone celebrates New Years Eve, but some of us, well, celebrate a little differently.
Posted at 7:27 PM, Dec 31, 2013

Nearly everyone celebrates New Years Eve, but some of us, well, celebrate a little differently. From ball drops to costumes and everything in between.

The iconic Times Square ball drop might be first to mind when you think New Years Eve, but other places in the U.S. prefer dropping their own unique objects. (Via Timessquareball.net)

Like a giant pickle that’s dropped in Mount Olive, North Carolina, a giant glowing pineapple in Honolulu, Hawaii and a giant peach along with a peanut M&M dropped in Atlanta, Georgia. (Via WRAL, YouTube / Mo96789, WGCL)

From food to animals, Brasstown, North Carolina celebrates the big countdown by dropping a live possum in a box. Yep, an actual possum. Don’t worry, it’s freed after its 15 minutes of fame. (Via YouTube / Stretch Ledford)

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania prefers to drop an 85-pound peep. (Via YouTube / Jon Bloch)

And, our personal favorite, Eastport, Maine drops a giant sardine. Priceless. (Via YouTube / Rick Blood)

You can also find a drag queen, lowered in a red high heel shoes, as the ball drops in Key West, Florida. (Via Tripsmarter.com)

And, worldwide, the “anything goes” New Years celebrations even extend to the revelers’ attire.

In Romania, if you spot people dressed up as bears, all is well. It’s a tradition to do a bear dance for good luck. (Via YouTube / dusty20091992)

We’re not sure exactly how to do the bear dance, but we assume it looks like this. (Via YouTube / Alberta Parks)

And if you’re ever in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, white, red, yellow and green are the go-to colors to wear. They all signify good things for the new year. Just don’t wear black — that means you’re doomed. (Via Rio.com)

Now, if you’re looking for some unique things to do at midnight besides getting a new year kiss, head to Spain or Denmark.

Come midnight, you’ll have a mouth full of grapes in Spain. The tradition is to eat twelve grapes along with 12 bell chimes. (Via YouTube / Juliendenoyer)

Some Danes smash plates against the front doors of friends and neighbors. Another ritual? Jumping off a chair at midnight, which is thought to usher in good luck. It might also usher in medical bills if done recklessly. (Via Yahoo!)

No matter how you choose to celebrate, cheers to a Happy New Year!