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These are the most popular slang words teens are saying, parents say

Nearly 3 in 5 surveyed parents said they keep up with modern slang to better connect with their teens.
A teenage girl with her parents.
Posted at 2:22 PM, Nov 28, 2023

Teenagers appear to have a language of their own, and it's keeping parents on their toes. 

Nearly 3 in 5 parents say they keep up with modern slang to better connect with their teens, according to a survey from Preply, an online service that connects people with language tutors. 

Most common slang words used by teens

1. Sus

2. Bet

3. Yeet

4. Salty

5. Cap

What do the slang words mean?

It can be difficult to understand what a teenager is saying when they are using words that have taken on new meaning or may not be in older dictionaries. 

The Preply survey shows that nearly 3 in 5 parents say they have searched for a slang term online after seeing or hearing their teenager use it.

They likely learned that "sus" is used when referring to someone who shouldn't be trusted; it is derived from the word "suspicious." Unlike the common definition for "bet," the slang term has nothing to do with gambling. Instead, it's another way to say "yes" or that you agree with someone. 

While bet and sus may be easier to understand after hearing them in a sentence, "yeet" is likely much tougher to understand after first hearing it. The word, which was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2022, means to throw something forcefully. 

"Salty" refers to someone who appears resentful or irritated, and "cap" means to lie. 

Parents using slang terms

Whether their kids like it or not, parents admit to using slang terms as well. The Preply survey shows 3 in 4 parents admit to using slang terms that are popular with teens. 

The most popular terms among parents are sus, salty and bet.