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The 'Bachelor' Apologizes For Controversial Gay Comments

In an interview with TV Page, Juan Pablo Galavis said he didn't think it would be a good idea to have gays or bisexuals on the reality TV show.
Posted at 6:15 PM, Jan 18, 2014

Yet another reality TV star is in hot water for his views on same-sex relationships. ABC's latest 'Bachelor' says he doesn't think it'd be a good idea to have gays or bisexuals on the reality TV show. 

On Friday, a TV Page reporter asked Juan Pablo Galavis if he thinks the show should feature same sex couples. Galavis replied, "I don't think it is a good example for kids to wach that on TV" and that gays were "more pervert in a sense." (Via The TV Page)

Going on, he said that while everybody's desires and ways of living have to be respected, same-sex couples on 'The Bachelor' would be too hard for TV. ​(Via New York Daily News)


It didn't take long for his response to trigger some backlash. By Saturday, the headlines were tearing into Galavis's remarks. (Via The Salt Lake Tribune, Entertainment Weekly)

 As is usually the case when a show's star produces some controversial quotes, Galavis's higher ups were quick to respond. 

In a joint statement by ABC, the show's executive producers, and Warner Horizon Television, Galavis's comments were denounced as "careless, thoughtless and insensitive and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show's producers or studio." (Via Variety)

Galavis later released his own statement on his Facebook page. In it, he says that his comments were taken out of context and that he has nothing but respect for gay people and their families. (Via Facebook / Juan Pablo Galavis)

But a Time TV critic isn't sold on the apology, writing "it does seem that Galavis is using the term 'respect' as kind of a talisman, something that we know you’re supposed to say about any group of people even if you have issues with them. ... But “respect” isn’t just a magic word that you can apply to any statement to neutralize it." (Via Time)


Galavis's remarks are not unlike those made by Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson back in a December issue of GQ. Robertson grouped gays with terrorists and drunkards, among other claims. (Via CNN)

While Robertson was temporarily suspended by A&E for his remarks, so far ABC has made no mention of doing the same with Galavis. The 18th season of The Bachelor started up again earlier this month.