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Teen With Cancer Finds Hope After He Was Denied For Study

Trevor Lagle has an aggressive form of brain cancer and wants an experimental treatment, but he's a few months shy of the age requirement.
Posted at 11:54 AM, May 15, 2015

Trevor Lagle has been diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, an extremely aggressive brain cancer. 

He underwent surgery to have the tumor removed, but this type of cancer is known to return. He wants to participate in a clinical trial.

"There's not cure for glioblastoma. Getting him into a trial was our best shot at a cure," said Heather Yates, Trevor's mother.

Patients in the trial are injected with a cold virus intended to kill the cancer cells in the brain. But there's one problem — you have to be 18 years old to be a part of the treatment, and Trevor misses that mark by five months.

"If it was their child, they would be doing anything in the world to be finding the best treatment," said Yates.

Trevor's mom, Heather Yates, reached out to our partners at KJRH for help.

"We contacted the company that performs the trials. They say they'll waive the age requirements if everyone agrees the treatment is right for Trevor," reports KJRH.

There are several factors that will determine whether doctors decide Trevor is a good candidate for this treatment. Here's hoping he is.

"I feel like if I gave up, I'd be hurting a lot of people," said Trevor.

"He's young and strong. He's going to beat this," said Yates.