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'Driving Like An Idiot' Video Leads To Teen's Arrest

A teen has been arrested after reportedly uploading a YouTube video showing him "driving like an idiot." He crashed twice, and has been arrested.
Posted at 8:57 AM, May 07, 2014

It's not unusual for teens to post videos of themselves to YouTube. But one young man took things to a whole new level with this clip titled, "driving like an idiot." Take a look.

"Techno music blaring you see the person behind the wheel weaving in an out of traffic. ... until he eventually crashed."

The video, which is a few minutes long, was removed from the site, but not before several TV stations picked it up. The clip shows a man believed to be Robert Charles Kelley IV. After the initial crash, ABC reports there was another:

REPORTER: "Police say Kelley causing a second crash involving three other cars, injuring a total of three in both collisions."

CHIEF GEORGE MARKERT: "Very reckless. He acted with such a depraved indifference to general public."​

The Huffington Post reports after the 18-year-old Florida teen crashed the second time, he had to be extracted from his vehicle. 

A father who was involved in the crash, says he tried to help Kelley, but he kept asking him if "this was real."

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports he has been arrested.

"Kelley was airlifted to Halifax Health Medical Center after wrecking, and when he was released the following day, he uploaded the video to YouTube."

Kelley is charged with counts for the two hit and runs, reckless driving as well as driving without a license. Police are investigating if alcohol or drugs were factors in the crashes.