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Teacher Records Autistic Student Stuck In Chair

A teacher at Oaktree Elementary School in Goodrich, Mich., might be fired after recording one of her students who was stuck in a chair.
Posted at 4:15 PM, Feb 27, 2014

It's an all-around upsetting situation: A student with autism got his head stuck in a chair at a school in Goodrich, Mich., and instead of helping the student, his teacher filmed it and appeared to taunt the child.

"How did you get in that situation?"


"His fifth-grade teacher, Nicole McVey, recording it on her cell phone while her entire class stood by."


"Do you want to get tasered?" (Via WPEC)

After the teacher asks the fifth grader if he wants to be tasered, a voice WNEM says belongs to the school principal joins in the teasing, saying the situation isn't an emergency.

WXYZ reports after taking the video, McVey shared it with her co-workers at Oaktree Elementary School and replayed it for her class. The video eventually reached school administrators.

Since the incident, which took place last November, the school's principal has resigned and McVey has been placed on paid administrative leave.

WNEM reports private tenure hearings are being held to discuss whether to fire McVey. But despite the controversy, many parents showed up at a school board meeting to support the teacher.

The fifth grader's family has hired an attorney who says the boy struggled so hard to get out of the chair that he broke blood vessels in his eyes. (Via The Detroit News)

The family has not decided whether to sue over the incident.