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Update: Suspect, Student Dead In Ore. High School Shooting

Troutdale, Oregon, police responded to an active shooter at a local high school. The suspect is now confirmed dead, and the situation has stabilized.
Posted at 1:08 PM, Jun 10, 2014

Officials in Troutdale, Oregon say one student and a suspected shooter are dead in a shooting at a local high school. 

"A gunman entered the high school this morning, shot one student. Unfortunately that student has died. The gunman was located ... the gunman is also deceased." (Via KPTV)

KPTV reports the school is still on lockdown as officials search the building. The outlet reports police have yet to determine a motive, and "haven't said whether he is a student at the school."

KGW-TV reports police responded to a call from Reynolds High School just after 8 a.m. A spokesperson for the sheriff's office told the outlet, "the response [was] for an active shooter."

At this point, the number of injuries remains unclear, but officials are working quickly to reunite parents with their children.

The sheriff's department has asked parents to come to a local Fred Meyer department store to pick up their children. Officials are requesting all other people stay out of the area. 

KOIN reports dozens of parents and guardians have lined up, waiting to be reunited.

A reporter for KPTV says her source claimed police had cornered the shooter in the bathroom. (Via Twitter / @KateCagle)

Response to the incident was swift and serious. One reporter for KOIN tweeted both the Portland FBI and SWAT teams were on scene. (Via Twitter / @BrentKOIN)