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Suspect Identified, Charged In Pa. Stabbing

Police say Alex Hribal carried out Wednesday's mass stabbing, injuring 24 people at a Pittsburgh-area school.
Posted at 11:46 PM, Apr 09, 2014

A 16-year-old high school sophomore has been identified as a suspect and charged for a stabbing attack at a Pittsburgh-area school that left 24 people injured. 

Murrysville, Pennsylvania police escorted a handcuffed and shackled Alex Hribal from the police station to the district judge's office Wednesday afternoon. Although Hribal is just 16, he was formally charged as an adult. (Via CBS)

"We understand he will be charged with 21 counts of aggravated assault, and four counts of attempted homicide. One count of carrying a weapon onto school property." (Via WPXI)

According to this criminal complaint, those weapons were reportedly two 8-inch stainless steel steak knives, which were used to stab 21 students and one security guard at Franklin Regional High School. Two others were also injured in the attack. (Via CNN / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)

The most recent reports say as many as five students are in critical condition, including one boy who is on life support. His stab wound pierced his liver and was reportedly just millimeters from his heart and aorta.

More details about Hribal's alleged rampage reveal heroism from the school's faculty, staff and student body to stop the attack and tend to those who were wounded. (Via CNN)

Gracie Evans told NBC she took care of a close friend after he shielded her from the attacker. 

"I said to the other kids in the room, 'I need to put pressure on this wound. Can you get me some paper towels or something.'" 

Another student, Nate Scimio, is credited with pulling the fire alarm which prompted students exit the building. He uploaded this Instagram post from the hospital where he was recovering. (Via Instagram / @nate_scimio)

Senior Ian Griffith told KDKA Hribal was finally brought down when the school's Vice Principal Sam King tackled the suspect. 

"Mr. King took off to take the kid down and I was right behind him and we both jumped on him." 

The local District Attorney told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review the suspect "offered no motive" for his attack and "kept repeating that he wanted to die." 

Hribal is currently being held without bail at the Westmoreland County juvenile detention center.