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Survey Says Most Americans Would Fail Citizenship Test

Only 13 percent of respondents could correctly identify the year the Constitution was ratified.
Posted at 1:58 PM, Oct 13, 2018

Most Americans would fare pretty poorly on the U.S. citizenship test, according to a new survey

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation had a random sample of 1,000 citizens answer questions drawn from the official citizenship test.

The survey found just over one-third of respondents earned a passing grade of 60 percent or higher. Older test-takers scored better, with 74 percent of people 65 and over passing the test.

Past surveys on the subject have turned up similar results. In a survey from 2012, just 35 percent of respondents passed a similar 10-question test.

The civics portion of the real citizenship test consists of 10 questions drawn from a publicly available list of 100 questions.