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Students Say Professor Taught Wrong Material All Semester

Students say a Texas professor admitted she'd mistakenly taught an advanced chemistry class instead of the introductory course they'd signed up for.
Posted at 4:35 PM, Mar 31, 2014

What if you had been taking a class for an entire semester only to realize before final exams the professor was teaching the wrong material? Well, students at one Texas college found out what that feels like.

"Students in Professor Nguyen's basic chemistry class at Lone Star College said that the work was really difficult. ... The professor finally admitted that she had been mistakenly teaching them an advanced course in chemistry instead." (Via Fox News)

Students say to attempt to fix her mistake, the professor gave extra credit — rounding up the students' grades that consisted mostly of Fs. (Via Daily Mail)

But KHOU reports an administrator defends the professor and says she actually did teach the right class. That, despite an email from the head of the science department to the students apologizing for the situation.  

Understandably, the students were none too pleased. One straight-A student says she received a B even after the extra credit was applied. That student says she also appealed her grade but was denied. 

LAUREN FIRMIN: "4.0 students, we're really stressed out altogether. But this just added to it to see what I had been working for, for two years destroyed." (Via KHOU)

The school says it will not be conducting any investigation, and the professor has refused to comment.