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Sriracha Lawsuit Dropped, Hot Sauce Maker Can Stay In Calif.

The city of Irwindale fought to halt local Sriracha production due to the strong smell, but the suit was thrown out after air filters were installed.
Posted at 4:09 PM, May 29, 2014

A Sriracha sauce factory has been burning more than just the mouths of some California residents. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Glane23

In late 2013 the city of Irwindale filed a lawsuit against the company and claimed the spicy odor is polluting the air. The city asked that the factory be shut down until something could be done about the chili pepper smell. (Via KMPH)

"We had a bridal shower; we had to have the guests go inside because they were all choking, hacking. It was in the throat." (Via CBS)

But now the standoff is over. The city council voted unanimously Wednesday night to drop the lawsuit, as Sriracha executive David Tran has figured out a way to find common ground. 

According to the Pasadena Star-News, Tran installed stronger air filters and tested them with pepper spray. In a letter to city council, Tran wrote, "At the commencement of this year's chile harvest season, if the air filtration system does not perform well, then Huy Fong Foods will make the necessary changes in order to better the system right away." 

But the new filtration system might not be the only reason Irwindale officials had a change of heart. (Via Los Angeles Times

"During the fight, the company threatened to move out of state. Republicans in Sacramento used that fight to argue that California is anti-business. Huy Fong Foods had offers from Texas and Pennsylvania." (Via KCBS)

Officials from Texas even came to the factory to talk to Tran. "Well, you have a friend in us. I mean, Texas is here for you." (Via KCAL

The factory's new filtration system will really be put to the test in August when the factory begins processing chilis.