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Southwest Airlines Plane Lands At Wrong Airport

Southwest Airlines flight 4013 touched down at the wrong airport — one with a runway half as short as the intended airport.
Posted at 10:13 AM, Jan 13, 2014

​Southwest Airlines passengers got a bit of a scare Sunday night, when their plane landed at the wrong airport.

"The flight from Chicago was supposed to arrive last night at the Branson, Missouri airport. Instead, it touched down at the smaller county airport with a much shorter runway."

And that runway is about half as short as the intended runway in Branson.

One passenger says there was a scary surprise waiting for them when they exited the plane,

tweeting: "it was a wow moment when we exited and saw how close we were to the edge of a cliff."

According to CNN, the plane — a Boeing 737-700 — was carrying 124 passengers and five crew members. The plane was scheduled to travel from Chicago to Dallas, with a stop in Branson.

A writer for NBC says the Branson airport corrected the mistake late Sunday. " … passengers were transported by bus and other vehicles to the correct airport, where many caught a connecting flight to Dallas-Fort Worth."

No one was hurt in the incident, though passengers said the landing was rough, as the pilot had to quickly and forcefully hit the breaks.

"We kind of were pushed forward, and, where we almost kind of hit our heads on the seat in front of us."

The FAA is now investigating the incident.