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'Slender Man' Stabbing Suspect Not Competent To Stand Trial

As the bizarre case gets underway, two doctors have said one of the suspects needs treatment before she can stand trial.
Posted at 8:15 PM, Jul 02, 2014

One of the two little girls who allegedly stabbed their friend 19 times to please a fictional character will not be standing trial ... at least for now.

Twelve-year-old Morgan Geyser was found not competent to stand trial by two doctors — one hired by the state and another hired by the defense. (Via Waukesha Police Department)

This likely means Geyser's court proceedings are now on hold while she seeks appropriate treatment.  (Via WTMJ)

The lawyer of the other stabbing suspect, Anissa Weier, has said the defense might request a competency hearing for her at a later date. (Via Waukesha Police Department)

Both girls are charged with first-degree attempted murder for allegedly plotting and attempting to kill their friend. (Via Fox News)

In accordance with Wisconsin law, the girls are being charged as adults, but separate media outlets have taken different approaches in covering the story with the minors. 

NBC and Fox News do not name the suspects or show their faces. ABC and HLN on the other hand, show it all. 

The 12-year-old victim is said to be recovering well in her home. Her parents shared this picture on their GoFundMe Page showing the victim with some of her get well cards. The girls's parents chose to hide her face for her privacy. 

The page has already raised almost $54,000 with the goal being $250,000.

Slender Man, the fictional character the suspects were trying to please, popped up on the Internet sometime in 2009. It depicts a skinny tall man with blank face and dark suit. Stories about the character usually depict him stalking or abducting children. (Via Facebook)

According to ABC, there have been at least two other equally disturbing cases where suspects blamed their violent crimes on the fictional character.