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Severe Turbulence Injures 6 On Philly Flight

An Orlando-bound flight headed out of Philadelphia Sunday was violently knocked by severe turbulence that injured six people on board.
Posted at 1:46 PM, May 05, 2014

Several people on board a flight headed to Orlando are recovering after severe turbulence jolted them as the plane left Philadelphia Sunday. 

"The U.S. Airways flight was heading to Orlando around 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon and turned around about an hour later." 

​The Airbus A330 was at about 17,000 feet when it was violently knocked by the turbulence. (Via YouTube / MrRockoutLoud)

"They hit turbulence so severe that four passengers and two crew members were injured, including a flight attendant that struck her head so hard it actually cracked the plane's wall."

Passengers recalled the experience to KYW-TV once they were back on the ground.

"Seeing things flying all over the place. I got sick from it. People injured, flight attendants running all over the plane, it was really scary. It was a terrifying experience, actually."

The flight attendants were treated and released, but no word yet on the condition of the passengers who were hurt. As for the uninjured passengers, they were able to fly to Orlando with a new flight crew about five hours later.