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Seattle Woman Spooked By Drone Outside Her Window

Lisa Pleiss was shocked to see a drone flying outside of her 26th floor apartment.
Posted at 8:31 AM, Jun 25, 2014

A Seatlle woman awoke Sunday morning to see a drone flying outside her window. Safe to say she panicked a little. (Via Flickr / Michael MK Khor)

"This is what Lisa Pleiss didn't expect to see when she looked out her window on the 26th floor of her Seattle apartment."

"It was freaky."

"Police say owning and flying a drone is legal." (Via NWCN)

Pleiss told KOMO she felt violated when she saw the drone hovering outside her window. The owner of the drone did contact her and explained they were actually hired to take pictures in the opposite direction of a building under construction.

"It was not our intent to view anything other than the views from a 20-story office building that will be built across the street."

The Seattle Police Department lightheartedly joked the drones were not theirs and linked to this article that explains the department recently sold their drones to Hollywood.

The company hired for the project specializes in aerial photography using GPS-equipped drones, and the owner says they only fly over properties where they have permission. Pretty cool, as long as you don't wake up to see one outside your window. (Via Skyris Imaging)

"We're very apologetic ... towards anybody we may have startled."

"It's really opened my eyes in terms of why the public does have the concerns and that the public is very concerned about this topic."

And NBC reports the use of drones is growing. 

"Drones have moved in to stay in a lot of places, in war zones overseas ... in this country in studios like this one, HD camera and limited possibilities."

The owner of the drone that startled Pleiss did contact her and apologize. He also contacted the Seattle P.D. to explain the situation.